Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve at Monique's house. Keith and his remote control car from Amanda & Derek.

Keith thanking Derek

Kyle with his new Batman helicopter

Cristian loving the remote control cars we gave him

Keith's new pajamas! (Kyle has matching ones of course!)

My nephew Marcelo just being cute!

Monique opening her new computer!

Our Christmas Tree on Christmas morning

Yes it is a Coca-Cola tree! :)

Our stocking get laid down on the couch with care!

Kyle can't wait to open something!

The day has finally come! Merry Christmas!!

This is a spongebob bath toy. It came with color tablets you put inside to change the water colors.

Kyle, of course, quickly stole the spongebob toy. Keith is now opening his Batman pez collection. It came with Batman, The Joker, Two-Face, and The Riddler.

Kyle loved opening presents this year

Hot Wheels Cars

Now THAT is a pencil

Me and my Coke stocking. Can anyone detect a theme here? :)

Duplos! The boys love these. I can't wait until they're big enough for Legos.

Movie time! Phineas & Pherb, Transformers Animated Season 1, and Spongebob season 5 volume 2.

These are the presets they got from Fernanda and I

Batman scooter. Batman would be theme #2 of this Christmas.

My present from Fernanda.

Woohoo!! I will now dominate Rockband!

Christmas morning breakfast. My special breakfast casserole and chocolate milk. This is also the only picture Fernanda allowed me to post with her in it.

Our posessed dog Shana playing in the snow Chirstmas night. Look at those devil eyes!

Look at that snow!

The boys playing in the snow the day after Christmas.

Christmas was very fun this year. It was a 5 day weekend for me and it was great to take those days off and spend time with my family. Keith kept me busy playing Lego Batman on the Xbox 360, but it was great to sleep in and be lazy for a few days. I still need to get some pictures from my mom from our McDermott Christmas party on December 21st. I will post those as soon as I get them from her. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Playing with Power Tools - Our Basement Project

So I kind of messed up on the order of the pictures here but oh well. We're just about done getting rid of all the bricks used for the wood burning stove.
A little better view of that corner plus a good look at our old entertainment center.

Fernanda playing with the jackhammer.

Fernanda in action!

My turn!

Taking a break. This picture is actually a few weeks after the others in this post. I have some more on my work computer that will fill in the blanks. I just wanted to post these to give a little preview of our project that pretty much took us the whole month of October to complete. We finished 2 days before halloween! The door on the left side of the picture is to our basement bathroom and the door behind me goes to a bedroom that we use as the kid's playroom.

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Halloween!!

Pumpkin Carving!
Kyle decided to at least look at the camera and of course Keith couldn't smile twice in a row!


Our outdoor Halloween decor. Fernanda put it up on Halloween this year since we were so busy with the basement. We will redeem ourselves next year! Oh and Keith is being scary, ahhhhh!!

a better shot of the house.

Kyle at my parent's house

That would be me, the big, bad wolf; run for your life!

Watch out little red riding hood!

Keith, Kyle, and Kaili

Kyle, Grandma Bonnie, and Kaili

Kaili, Keith, Karson, Bethanie and Kyle

These are some Halloween pictures I had on my phone and that BreeAnn had taken at my parent's party. Next post will be the progress of our basement. I'm on a roll people!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween 2008

The awesome hosts!! (I look like I'm ready for bed!)

Party Girls!! Monique, Amanda, Lisa, Yara & Fernanda

Lisa & Yara

Pirate Monique

I took this picture to prove I was at my own party!

Amanda and Rahman

Elisa, Clarisse, Yara, Henrique, Derrik, Lisa & Amanda having a good time!

Derrik and Amanda. I thought Derrik's costume was awesome!

Super Amanda to the rescue!


Marcelo the Lion!!

Bea and Henrique back from trick-or-treating

Rahman, Yara, Marcelo, Amanda, Derrik, Bell & Miley

Rahman, Yara, Marcelo, Amanda, Derrik, Cristian, Kyle & Miley. Look at all that candy!! We still have plenty left over if anybody would like some :)

Darth Vader Cristian, Frankenstein Kyle, and Snow White Miley. Miley is the daughter of our friends Lee and Miche Barbosa.

Yara and I and Jake and Jana's house for their Halloween party

Amanda and I, same place, same bat time, same bat channel!


Keith, Fernanda and I at my parent's house for the McDermott Halloween party. Kyle was not in the picture mood.

So these are just a few pictures from Halloween. There are more from the party at my parent's house but my mom has yet to give me those. I will post them as I get them. This year we had 3 Halloween parties in 7 days!!! It was wild and crazy but boy it was a lot of fun. This was my first Halloween without any school and it's amazing how much more enjoyable it is when you don't have to worry about homework and tests! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!