Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Fun

My sister-in-law Aline's kitchen. My brother-in-law Paul, Yasmin, Kyle, Nathan & Keith

Aline's newborn boy William, born 08/25/2008

Keith just outside our front door

Kyle playing with my hat on his bed

Our friends Lauren and Nate Marsala came to visit us before going back to Arizona

Keith on his transformers bike

My niece Bea and my nephew Cristian

My nephew Henrique holding his cousin (my nephew as well!) Marcelo, my sister-in-law Amanda's new baby boy.

My niece Isabelle

One last big summer sleepover

William getting a little extra help

Kyle, Keith & Yasmin

My sister-in-law Aline holding Marcelo

Fernanda holding Marcelo

Kyle rocking Tyler

Keith getting ready to destroy that piƱata!

Kyle gave it a pretty good hit as well

Kyle at Jungle Jim's

Keith looking cool at Lagoon

Rylee & Katie giving Keith his present at the McDermott July Birthday Party Reunion (MJBPR) July 5, 2008

My Mom & Dad with Kyle at the MJBPR

Kyle opening his present from Katie & Rylee

Fernanda with her lovely presents

Everyone that gave Fernanda presents, Bethanie, Roury, Katie, Rylee & Tyler

My dad with Keith & Kyle in the pool at my parent's backyard

Keith with all his presents that he can't wait to open!

Keith & uncle Roury

Aunt Bethanie & Keith

Tyler & BreeAnn with Keith

Keith wearing Roury's suit coat the day Roury came back from his mission in June.

I think this was the Sunday of Roury's homecoming. In the background is BreeAnn, Scott McDermott, Kalie & Tyler. On the couch: Roury, my dad, me & Rylee. We're watching golf of course because that seems to be the only thing on at my parent's house these days! :)

Kyle on the swing at my parent's house. Despite the look on his face, he loves the swings

Fernanda holding Karson, BreeAnn's little boy.

Keith and his Spider-Man swimsuit at my parent's house.

Since I hadn't posted in almost a month I thought I'd post a bunch of other pictures from our summer activities. It's kind of sad to think that summer is almost over. We had a lot of fun and besides the month of May, Kyle stayed mostly healthy. Now it's time for fall and the holiday season as Wal-Mart and Costco enjoy reminding us is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to my first fall without school and being able to enjoy these holidays and spending time with my family withough worrying about homework and projects. I'm even going to take Halloween off of work so I can enjoy the day with the kids since it's their last Halloween before they start school next year.