Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Promised Photo Links

Here they are :)

Halloween 2010:

Christmas 2010:

Family Pictures 2010:

Noah's 1st Birthday December 2010:

Mobile Uploads 2011:

Just a reminder, even though these are albums I have posted to Facebook, by clicking these links you do not have to have facebook to see the pictures. So click and enjoy!

Also, for all those not in the know, Fernanda and I are expecting child #4! Keep your fingers crossed for a girl :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming Soon

I will be posting links to the various facebook photo albums I posted to facebook over the summer and this fall. You don't have to have facebook to see the pictures associated with the link. Just click the link and enjoy. Stay tuned.......... :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Note I Wrote on Facebook - Let Me Know What You Think!

BYU, Utah, and TCU should bust....The Mountain West!

So everyone probably thought I was going to say the BCS and the BCS does take a big role in this note. But first things first; it's time for these three teams to say adios to the Mountain West. These 3 teams deserve better. They deserve more TV time, more love from the conference that they carry. They also deserve better local coverage for the fans that follow them, and they deserve to be a part of a BCS conference. Now I understand that I'm a fan and what I am going to write I can do because I am a fan and I don't have to worry about money, tv sets, travel costs, etc. I can dream the dream and give my opinion with little consequences whatsoever, which is the beauty of being a fan. But I would absolutely love to have happen what I am going to propose and that is this: BYU, Utah, and TCU need to leave the Mountain West and start a new conference. I have faced reality that none of these teams are going to be invited to the Pac-10 or Big 12. EVER. Even though they are good enough that I think they would be challenging for the top 3 in those conferences each year. With the teams that I propose join these 3 teams in their newly formed conference, however, I think it would be very hard for the BCS not to add this conference as a BCS conference. So without further ado, here is what I think the new conference should look like:

1. BYU
2. Utah
3. TCU
4. Boise St.
5. Fresno St.
6. Nevada
7. Tulsa
8. Colorado St.
9. Houston
10. UNLV

Now here is how I like to break this list down. You'll notice that this is a mixture of the MWC, WAC, and Conference USA, with 5 MWC teams, 3 WAC teams, and 2 Conference USA teams. The first 5 teams are what I like to call the Big 5, with Fresno St. being the weakes of those 5 but they have some enough national pup to include them. The next 3 are my Wild Card teams. They're up or down or somewhere inbetween but they have the potential to have big years. Houston is my unkown, but also the 2nd Texas team which is good for recruiting and TVs and UNLV is there because I think it's good having Vegas in the conference and every conference needs a team they can pound on. What this conference would be called, I'm not sure. I was thinking of something like the American Central Conference, or Western States Conference. The important thing though is that I think this mix of teams provides 5 nationally recognized names especially Utah and Boise St. with their BCS bowl success and BYU with it's national following along with TCU and Fresno St. almost yearly flirting with the BCS (I know Fresno has been down for a few years). The other teams also spreed it out and give an expanded recruiting ground and even TV sets and revenue. I like having 10 teams in a conference, so that only 3 non-conference games are played and hopefully the temptation of playing a Division II teams diminishes although I admit my logic could be somewhat flawed on that point. But I hate 4 non-conference games, I think it's too much. I also think this mixture of teams would be able to secure a better TV deal with the likes of ESPN or Fox Sports where they would only be playing Thursday - Saturday and probably get some good time slots depending on Matchups. I admit, this is my dream scenario, but I would desperately love to see this happen.
What do you guys think? What would you change to make it better? Where is my logic flawed? Please let me know, I would love to see what you all think about this idea.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roof Pictures and Pregnancy Update

Fernanda had her official ultrasound with her doctor today. Everything is looking great! It's kind of weird having a normal pregnancy though, in the back of our minds we're always thinking that bad news is just around the corner because that's what we're used to. Anyway, acording to the ultrasound machine's measurements, Fernanda is at 21 weeks and 2 days giving her a projected due date of December 15th! 6 days earlier than the original date. When Dr. Lloyd did his measurement on her, she measured at 23 weeks so he said that gives us a nice 2 week window of Dec. 1 -15 for when he would be comfortable having the baby be born. Fernanda is hoping that in November he'll change his mind and let her have him at the end of November. So we shall see! I'm also posting a link of the roofing project on our house that we did a few weeks ago. A big thank you to the Elders Quorum of my ward, the Bennion Heights 8th ward, especially Nate Johnson, for coming and helping us get that done. Here's the link:

Here's a sample picture:
That's Nate Johnson in the picture.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Well an announcement like this definitely deserves a post! :) We went to the Ultrasound Specialists last night to have an ultrasound done because we just couldn't handle the suspense any longer! With this pregnancy Fernanda and I were hoping to add a baby girl to our family and call it quits on the kids. Well to our surprise the ultrasound showed that we're having another boy! Fernanda was a bit dissapointed at first, but she's been thinking about boy names all day today. The frontrunner which was approved by her great-aunt Dulce is Guilherme. Yes it is hard to pronounce, but so is Keith to Brazilians, so I think it's a fair trade. Guilherme also has many nicknames such as Gui, Giga, Guy, etc. So we're pretty excited to have another boy on board. One more missionary, one less wedding! :) I also think this leaves the door open on us having a 4th but will have to wait and see what the future has in store for us. Here are a few pictures of the new album I posted on facebook:

We took this picture on our way home from California. It's at the frontyard of my parent's St. George house.
The next picture is one of about 10 ultrasound pictures. This last picture Fernanda took this morning. I love my wife!
Here is the link for the album on Facebook:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Not Much of a Blogger

So as everyone can tell by now, I'm not much of a blogger. I was never much of a journal writer growing up either. I just don't like to write/type. Maybe school just burned me out to the whole idea of it; either way, I would rather do other things. One example is posting pictures. I love posting pictures; afterall, they're worth a thousand words! :) Because I'm not much of a writer, I like showing what has been going on in my life and writing some commentary. That's something that I enjoy doing. The problem is that it takes FOREVER to upload pictures to the blog with my internet connection at home. I don't know why because it's with comcast but it just takes a long time and it bugs me. So I've been pretty turned off to the whole blogging thing for the past few months. So, I've made a decision. From now on I'm going to be using the blog to update you on when I post new pictures to my facebook page. Most of you are my facebook friends and if you're not, please add me and join facebook if you're not on it at all! Trust me, you will like it! I will post the link to the photo album so all of you can see what's been going on. Every once in a while I may post a few pictures here and have a rant or two to go on but overall, I will be using this mostly for quick updating purposes. Thank you to all who check out my blog, I'm glad you stop by to see how things are going. Here are two links to my most recent happenings:

Easter -

So Cal Vacation June 2009 -

Check'em out and enjoy!

P.S. Please let me know if the links don't work. Thanks!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Bowl Party 2009

Derek and his brother the Don. The biggest Steelers fans in the house. Very intense.

Fernanda and I in the kitchen. This was during the 3rd Quarter. Nothing much was going onin the game so I helped out with the food.

Bea and Monique "helping" out!

Fernanda hard at work!

Monique and Fernanda taking a break to stike a pose!

Aline, Yara, Henrique and Loyal. Loyal is Aline's mother-in-law.

Amanda, our wonderful hostess!

Deborah and Amanda. Deborah is Don's wife and is also Brazilian. She's from the state of Minas Gerais.

Deborah was trying to avoid having her picture taken but I was too fast!

Isabelle, Yasmin, Keith & Kyle

Fernanda and Bea, Go Steelers!


Henique playing with Amanda's new doberman

Bea is a cutie, and a stinker! :)

William and Aline, Patriots fans who will just have to wait until next year.

Paul distracting William so he can watch the game

The Super Bowl party was a lot of fun especially since the Steelers won! It was pretty tense there in the 4th Quarter, I thought Derek was going to tear the house down. Fortunately the Cardinals left too much time on the clock and the Steelers went on their winning drive. Super Bowl Sunday is the best unofficial holiday in America!

Monday, January 5, 2009

More from Christmas 2008 - McDermott Christmas Party December 21, 2008

Kyle, Kaili, & Keith. They just can't wait to open those presents!

Kyle loved this dinosaur and played with it a good portion of the night. I believe Rylee & Katie gave that to him. Kyle also enjoys scribbling and has enjoyed the desk that BreeAnn & Tyler gave him. Thanks guys!

Kyle gets in this car that my parents gave him every chance he gets. He loves it, thanks Mom & Dad!

Rylee & Katie gave Keith these little iron man figures. It was so funny because Keith has some like these and he had lost a couple of them, including the gold one the day before. When he opened it he said "Daddy look, Daddy look!! Iron man!" and then he threw himself in Rylee's arms and said something like this is the best present ever. It was so cute.

So then Keith opens Lego Batman from my parents and he says "Daddy look! Lego Batman! I've been waiting so many years for this!" How cute is that???

Such a happy little boy!

The present we gave Kaili. BreeAnn said she loved it!

Fernanda and I along with Bethanie and Johnny got my parents this golf organizer.

Fernanda and I got Roury this Detroit Lions gear. The poor guy is a fan of the only team in NFL history to go 0-16. The coin by the card he's holding is 1 of only 750 they made for their 75th anniversary.

This is the Duke gear that Fernanda and I got for Katie.

So if you couldn't tell I took these from my cellphone. I'm still waiting for the pictures from my Mom which will be easier on the eyes. Fernanda was not there because she was sick and trying to get feeling better for Christmas day which she was and we were very happy she was able to get feeling better.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve at Monique's house. Keith and his remote control car from Amanda & Derek.

Keith thanking Derek

Kyle with his new Batman helicopter

Cristian loving the remote control cars we gave him

Keith's new pajamas! (Kyle has matching ones of course!)

My nephew Marcelo just being cute!

Monique opening her new computer!

Our Christmas Tree on Christmas morning

Yes it is a Coca-Cola tree! :)

Our stocking get laid down on the couch with care!

Kyle can't wait to open something!

The day has finally come! Merry Christmas!!

This is a spongebob bath toy. It came with color tablets you put inside to change the water colors.

Kyle, of course, quickly stole the spongebob toy. Keith is now opening his Batman pez collection. It came with Batman, The Joker, Two-Face, and The Riddler.

Kyle loved opening presents this year

Hot Wheels Cars

Now THAT is a pencil

Me and my Coke stocking. Can anyone detect a theme here? :)

Duplos! The boys love these. I can't wait until they're big enough for Legos.

Movie time! Phineas & Pherb, Transformers Animated Season 1, and Spongebob season 5 volume 2.

These are the presets they got from Fernanda and I

Batman scooter. Batman would be theme #2 of this Christmas.

My present from Fernanda.

Woohoo!! I will now dominate Rockband!

Christmas morning breakfast. My special breakfast casserole and chocolate milk. This is also the only picture Fernanda allowed me to post with her in it.

Our posessed dog Shana playing in the snow Chirstmas night. Look at those devil eyes!

Look at that snow!

The boys playing in the snow the day after Christmas.

Christmas was very fun this year. It was a 5 day weekend for me and it was great to take those days off and spend time with my family. Keith kept me busy playing Lego Batman on the Xbox 360, but it was great to sleep in and be lazy for a few days. I still need to get some pictures from my mom from our McDermott Christmas party on December 21st. I will post those as soon as I get them from her. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!