Monday, January 5, 2009

More from Christmas 2008 - McDermott Christmas Party December 21, 2008

Kyle, Kaili, & Keith. They just can't wait to open those presents!

Kyle loved this dinosaur and played with it a good portion of the night. I believe Rylee & Katie gave that to him. Kyle also enjoys scribbling and has enjoyed the desk that BreeAnn & Tyler gave him. Thanks guys!

Kyle gets in this car that my parents gave him every chance he gets. He loves it, thanks Mom & Dad!

Rylee & Katie gave Keith these little iron man figures. It was so funny because Keith has some like these and he had lost a couple of them, including the gold one the day before. When he opened it he said "Daddy look, Daddy look!! Iron man!" and then he threw himself in Rylee's arms and said something like this is the best present ever. It was so cute.

So then Keith opens Lego Batman from my parents and he says "Daddy look! Lego Batman! I've been waiting so many years for this!" How cute is that???

Such a happy little boy!

The present we gave Kaili. BreeAnn said she loved it!

Fernanda and I along with Bethanie and Johnny got my parents this golf organizer.

Fernanda and I got Roury this Detroit Lions gear. The poor guy is a fan of the only team in NFL history to go 0-16. The coin by the card he's holding is 1 of only 750 they made for their 75th anniversary.

This is the Duke gear that Fernanda and I got for Katie.

So if you couldn't tell I took these from my cellphone. I'm still waiting for the pictures from my Mom which will be easier on the eyes. Fernanda was not there because she was sick and trying to get feeling better for Christmas day which she was and we were very happy she was able to get feeling better.

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