Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Note I Wrote on Facebook - Let Me Know What You Think!

BYU, Utah, and TCU should bust....The Mountain West!

So everyone probably thought I was going to say the BCS and the BCS does take a big role in this note. But first things first; it's time for these three teams to say adios to the Mountain West. These 3 teams deserve better. They deserve more TV time, more love from the conference that they carry. They also deserve better local coverage for the fans that follow them, and they deserve to be a part of a BCS conference. Now I understand that I'm a fan and what I am going to write I can do because I am a fan and I don't have to worry about money, tv sets, travel costs, etc. I can dream the dream and give my opinion with little consequences whatsoever, which is the beauty of being a fan. But I would absolutely love to have happen what I am going to propose and that is this: BYU, Utah, and TCU need to leave the Mountain West and start a new conference. I have faced reality that none of these teams are going to be invited to the Pac-10 or Big 12. EVER. Even though they are good enough that I think they would be challenging for the top 3 in those conferences each year. With the teams that I propose join these 3 teams in their newly formed conference, however, I think it would be very hard for the BCS not to add this conference as a BCS conference. So without further ado, here is what I think the new conference should look like:

1. BYU
2. Utah
3. TCU
4. Boise St.
5. Fresno St.
6. Nevada
7. Tulsa
8. Colorado St.
9. Houston
10. UNLV

Now here is how I like to break this list down. You'll notice that this is a mixture of the MWC, WAC, and Conference USA, with 5 MWC teams, 3 WAC teams, and 2 Conference USA teams. The first 5 teams are what I like to call the Big 5, with Fresno St. being the weakes of those 5 but they have some enough national pup to include them. The next 3 are my Wild Card teams. They're up or down or somewhere inbetween but they have the potential to have big years. Houston is my unkown, but also the 2nd Texas team which is good for recruiting and TVs and UNLV is there because I think it's good having Vegas in the conference and every conference needs a team they can pound on. What this conference would be called, I'm not sure. I was thinking of something like the American Central Conference, or Western States Conference. The important thing though is that I think this mix of teams provides 5 nationally recognized names especially Utah and Boise St. with their BCS bowl success and BYU with it's national following along with TCU and Fresno St. almost yearly flirting with the BCS (I know Fresno has been down for a few years). The other teams also spreed it out and give an expanded recruiting ground and even TV sets and revenue. I like having 10 teams in a conference, so that only 3 non-conference games are played and hopefully the temptation of playing a Division II teams diminishes although I admit my logic could be somewhat flawed on that point. But I hate 4 non-conference games, I think it's too much. I also think this mixture of teams would be able to secure a better TV deal with the likes of ESPN or Fox Sports where they would only be playing Thursday - Saturday and probably get some good time slots depending on Matchups. I admit, this is my dream scenario, but I would desperately love to see this happen.
What do you guys think? What would you change to make it better? Where is my logic flawed? Please let me know, I would love to see what you all think about this idea.


John said...

It would be fun to see something like that happened. Here's the problem, though — BYU and Utah already tried this. The result was the MWC. They left the WAC (I actually liked the mega-conference WAC, but I understand the money reasons for leaving, although I really wish that wasn't part of the college game), started the MWC, and look what we've got. A new conference, no matter how strong, will not bust the BCS. A conference that brings in, year in and year out, more money than one of the conferences in the BCS now will bust the BCS. That's all there is to it. College football does not have a national championship becuase some greedy people somewhere (college presidents, boosters, ADs, ESPN, etc.) are making money off of it.

Oh well, maybe the blue turf at Boise would bring the TV dollars . . .

BreeAnn said...

even though I don't know that much about football, I thought this was a good write by you!

Z said...

I love the thought of it....but it is only a dream.

It should be fun to watch TCU, BYU and Utah battle it out this year.

Kelly Z